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Bail For 11 Years Old Murderer Delayed

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Bail For 11 Years Old Murderer Delayed

The boy in question is the youngest person in Australia to be charged for murder, as he was a part of the eight people mob who killed Patrick Slater by attacking him with rocks, screwdrivers and pickets. Mr. Slater died in a hospital soon after he was admitted.

Main reason behind the reluctance of a court to set a bail for this boy is because he was on the bail at the moment of the crime for aggravated robbery.

Prosecutor in this case said that Mr. Slater died due to the effects of a penetrating injury to the area of the chest and he also had numerous bruises and cuts all over his body. He also stated that all of the offenders had a role in inflicting injuries to the victim. Up until this moment only four out of eight offenders are being charged for their role in the crime, but the investigation continues and new charges will be brought once evidence pools. Get more information here at  useful website.

Defense lawyer said that her client has no past criminal record and that it should be taken into consideration. The lawyer also said that the boy witnessed the death of his brother at the age of 5 which brought turmoil into the family. After that point school attendance was also a problem.

But family of the late Mr. Slater demanded the strict hand of law to treat the boy as an adult if he was charged for a murder. He was only son in a family which lost a lot with the death of their son, and they demand justice.

browse around this site commented this case and said that the criminals should be dealt with, no matter what age they are. If that boy had no mental problems and if he wasn’t under the influence of drugs then he committed this act willingly and therefore he should be treated as criminal.

Appeal Court Denies Assault Offender’s Argument Of Unfair Trial

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Appeal Court Denies Assault Offender’s Argument Of Unfair Trial

Appeal court denied the request from the passenger, who punched a train steward, for a hearing in order to clear his name.

James Robert Sutton was a passenger who was arrested and found guilty for assault that caused bodily harm. He filed a complaint stating that trial was not fair and that it is unsafe to bring a sentence in that case. This appeal has been rejected by three senior judges who deemed his appeal “unlikely to succeed” due to the fact that Sutton confessed the crime in a police station.

Accident happened in a train that was traveling to London from Bristol. After finishing his meal Sutton left the buffet car, but he returned shortly after and he was angry complaining about the napkin he was given saying that it is soiled. Without any warning he proceeded and punched the steward right in the face which caused bleeding from the nose and lip, and damage to a tooth. As the victim testified, the punch also caused headaches, blurred vision and it left the steward shaken for considerate amount of time. Find more information here at helpful link.

assault-lawyer-torontoSeveral witnesses described the accident, and by their words Sutton came in the buffet car, punched the steward and then calmly returned to his seat as if nothing happened. At the next station he was arrested and he admitted to the police that the punch was done in anger, and later he changed his statement claiming that it was done in self defense.

Jury found him guilty for the assault after which he filed an appeal arguing that his trial was not fair. He mentioned misdirection of the jury by the judge and improper defense by his lawyer.

Judge Sarah Munro, along with Lady Justice and Mr. Justice determined that there was nothing wrong with the trial and that whole proceeding went according to law.

Murder Convict Tries To Escape The Court Causes Turmoil Among The Attendants

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Murder Convict Tries To Escape The Court Causes Turmoil Among The Attendants

Bulawayo High Court got stirred up after a convicted murderer, who was about to be convicted to the life in jail, stripped naked and became violent and tried to bolt out of the court.

Augustine Ncube, a 28 years old male, who was one of the murderers of Mosi-oa-Tunya High School female student who was out on the picnic with her boyfriend.

He caused a great turmoil in the court, and six officers had to wrestle with him for around 10 minutes before they managed to subdue him. Both defense counsels stepped back in courtroom corner expecting the danger. Whisper Mabaudhi, the prosecutor and one court orderly escaped the courtroom.

Justice Nicholas Mathonsi was in a process of delivering the judgment, and the turmoil caused the adjourning of the proceedings for 15 minutes. Police officers that manned High Court had to assist prison officers that were in charge of the accused, and with their help they managed to subdue him and take him to holding cell. The sentencing was done in absentia which is regulated by Criminal Code.


The assault happened near Victoria Falls Rain Forest. Ncube of Pamula North and Luphahla of Old Pamula assaulted and murdered Praise Mpofu and threw her body in the river. Her boyfriend, Brain Dube, was beaten badly and left for dead. Brain sustained neck fracture and he was admitted to the hospital for five days with the possibility of extension if it happens to be necessary.

Ncube and Luphahla robbed victims as well. They have taken a laptop, earphones, MP3 player, memory card as well as 11 dollars from the victims. For crimes of murder both of them were sentenced to life in prison and for robbery they were sentenced to 10 years in jail each.

please click here joined us and commented on the case and the incident as well. He said that the sentences are well deserved for such atrocious crime. And concerning the incident hesaid that there is always a risk of violent behavior of criminals who are being sentenced for longer period of time, and high alert level must be present in all prison officers that guard defendants.

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